Alternative News outlets.
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What are your alternative news sources?

Where do you go to read the latest news, politics, current affairs, etc. that would be considered 'alternative'. Any form of media is allowed, podcasts, online video, blogs, newsletters, etc.
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please define 'alternative' -- alternative to what?

my favourite news/politics/opinion oriented podcasts at the moment are KCRW's left right and centre, NPR's to the point, the CBC's the current, and the BBC's newspod. all available for free through itunes.
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Best answer: For something with more of a world focus, you could always try Al-Jazeera English. Why? Ask Robert Kaplan.

A few years ago I read The Nation fairly regularly. I haven't read it too often, but when I have picked up Mother Jones I've found it helpful/interesting.
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Talking Points Memo
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Best answer: Also, I don't read them, but my Google search of "best alternative media" brought up AlterNet.
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Response by poster: modernnomad:

Alternative media are media (newspapers, radio, television, movies, Internet, etc.) which are alternatives to the business or government-owned mass media. (source)
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Mother Jones
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Best answer: Democracy Now! Audio, video and textual versionf of the show are available on their site five days a week. The format is a rundown of news briefs, and then a few longer stories, interviews, features. The content is news from a progressive viewpoint, focused on under-reported stories concerning politics, human rights, environment, war, race, gender, etc.
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Best answer: The Story is a long-form interview program. It features interviews with people discussing something they experienced first hand. It is much more insightful and interesting than your typical news stuff which is filled with "analysis" from journalists and bombast from talking heads.
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The Young Turks.
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The Onion
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Best answer: Buzzflash
Crooks and Liars
Think Progress
The Raw Story

And try the links on those sites.

Good god, I miss Cursor....
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