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Victoria's Secret doesn't have what I want, and Macy's is all flannel and jammies. Where should I shop?

(I was prompted by the "sexy sleepwear" discussion a couple questions down, but this is indeed different.)

I got into the habit of splurging on a killer negligee after every breakup; something that I feel drop-dead hot in. But it's been two years since the last one, and I haven't found the ur-nightie yet this time; largely because most of what I'm seeing is either too skanky (Victoria's Secret, you have LET ME DOWN!) or too conservative.

I do have an idea about what I want, I'm just not sure where to look to FIND it. So can you recommend any specific stores (in the New York area), web sites, or the like that have a good selection of sleepwear that I can pick from? I tend to prefer "elegant" to "frilly" -- think 1930's design, all clean lines and flowy rather than lacy all over the place. (A for-instance - the very hottest thing I ever got was a green silk sheath with absolutely no lace or detailing, except the skirt was slit up to the thigh on both sides. Alas, that was 10 years and 3 dress sizes ago.) Maybe a touch exotic - rich prints, kimono styling, etc.

Oh, and nothing against flannel as such -- but for me that's more for "I'm hanging around the house" rather than "I am setting a scene," which is the goal here.

Thanks -- all I'm seeing in the VS and Macy's are a lot of frilly teddys and babydoll stuff I'd look ridiculous in.
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If I had unlimited funds, I would buy all my lingerie (or a lot of it) from Agent Provocateur.

Some of their stuff is probably a bit too frilly for your tastes, but they have a wide range of styles and some of their lines are definitely vintage-inspired.
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I love Figleaves and Bare Necessities
and they have good sales, usually! Happy browsing. :)
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Agent Provocateur is good but for rarer, more refined European goods, go to La Petite Coquette.
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How about Anthropologie? I've seen what you're describing in the store, but I'm having trouble finding it on the web.
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Kiki de Montparnasse. Or Natori. If you don't want to pay full price, they both show up fairly frequently on
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Check out "Elegant and Graceful". Warning: pricey.
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La Perla is going to separate you from all well-intentioned hopes of fiscal responsibility. But it will be worth it.
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Check out Knickers Blog. She links to a lot of small, luxurious (and expensive) lingerie retailers.
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P.S. There are a lot of sales listed on the Bargains section of Knickers Blog, so it's not all expensive!
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Seconding Fig Leaves and Bare Necessities, which are probably your best bets. I have also had good luck with Nordstrom's and Bloomingdale's, but depending on the buyer for the store, or what they are currently selling on their websites, it might end up being a lot like Macy's selection.
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Best answer: Check out Etsy. To blow your mind, select [Vintage], search [slips].
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Oh, and Bluefly has some very nice stuff too.
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I've had good luck at Town Shop. And, as a radio nerd, I love going to a place that used to be run by this awesome lady (launches mp3 file). Her sons run it today.
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The Lake and Stars makes gorgeous lingerie that's kind of vintage minimalist, if that makes sense. They're a niche indie brand, so kind of hard to find, but this online store has a decent selection.
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Best answer: You might also try the vintage section on etsy. The sexiest underwear I've ever bought was, maybe surprisingly (I was surprised), some lady's 1950 corset/shaper garment.

Or, on preview, what whimsicalnymph said.
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Response by poster: I'm saving this whole thread (there are other occasions to buy lingerie, of course), but for these specific purposes, I think the sleepwear section on Etsy looks like it's going to make me very, very happy.

Thanks -- I hadn't even thought of Etsy, as I am used to it more in a crafting context (I knit, and so it's either "this is where Angela sells her hand-spun yarn" or "this is where someone who felted a purse tries to sell it"), and this has been a revelation. Also the price is right!
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Vic's is really letting me down lately, too. I'm a huge La Perla fan, but their prices are so outrageous, I can only afford them for a serious splurge.

If you can't jump on a plane and get to Italy, which is where the only lingerie I like these days seems to be, I'd suggest going through Prontostyle and searching for lingerie there to pare things down to your requirements. They filter through places like the above-referenced Fig Leaves, Anthropologie and Bare Necessities. Here are some things I found that don't overdo the frilly or super-short aspects:

Viscosa Stretch Gown

Lacy Chevrons Slip

Lovely lace chemise

Opium Chemise

Calvin Klein Solutions

Cosabella Ever Babydoll

Lauren Whistling

Farr West Lace Trim Slip
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The Lingerie Post is a blog about lingerie and probably points to something you'd like.
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Pine Cone Hill? Something like this or this maybe? This is gorgeous and classic! A little more contemporary here.
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Here is the Chaise Nightdress in Swiss Dot. Sexy AND classy.
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Also? Google "Vintage Nightgown & Peignoir Sets" for LOTS of items.
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Mary Green? '40s style, though.
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Response by poster: Oh, "40's style" is a very good thing. Those prices aren't, though.

A follow-up -- I just got something on eBay just now; if that doesn't work, I'll be taking a look at etsy. (Yeah, I know -- me realizing I hadn't thought of eBay was a real "duh!" moment on my part.) Vintagey things are also my style sense as well, so etsy/Ebay/vintage stuff is turning out to be the way to go.
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Response by poster: ....And it's a bit disconcerting to note that this is one of this week's more popular posts, which means hi, now you all know what I wear I want to get busy.

oh dear.
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