What movie is this?
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What movie did I rent all the time when I was little? It was animated and had two children (brother and sister?) collecting the four elements for a wolf.

So, I sort of remember this but have been unable to find anything even remotely similar through googling.

When I was little maybe 5-7 so 1993 about - movie could really be from any time before that, I remember renting a video from the video store. It was animated and I believe a wolf asked a brother and sister to collect the four elements (earth, air, fire, water) for reasons unremembered by me. I think it started out in a cave and maybe they went through the desert. This might be a random half hour type thing as well, I have no idea whether is was a full hour and a half or not. It was in color, I don't think they had parents and for fire I think they scooped coals into a little jar after a lightning strike.

I'm pretty sure the colors were muted - darks blues and such, nothing too bright. In case it comes up the movie was in english.
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I suggested this before the server fart yesterday and I didn't see any responses so I'm posting again in case you missed it... was the movie Dreaming of Paradise?
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Response by poster: I looked at the cover, I don't think that was it, the characters didn't look like I remember, I'll have to continue the investigation.
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