how I can temporarily fill this gap between my teeth
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DentalFilter: I have a small (< 1mm) gap between my two front teeth. It had been 'filled' by my dentist and that last about a year. Well, it fell out yesterday and I'd like to temporarily repair it until I return to my dentist. I have a big weekend full of pictures coming up. Any suggestions how I can temporarily fill this gap to make me feel better? TIA.
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Photoshop could fix this rather easily if you are the one controlling the photos.
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Chew up some paper or white gum and stick it behind there for the pics?
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How about a little more permanent, albeit, not permanent, solution?

Any product I can buy in the store, perhaps for dentures, that can hold in there for a day or two?
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Do you still have the piece that the dentist made? If so, then drugstores definitely carry temporary glue for dentures that you can find. I don't know the product names, but they'll be located in the oral care section and work just fine. You'll probably have to re-glue it a few times over the course of the weekend. If you want to avoid that and have a longer-term temporary solution, call your dentist. Mine always has little samples of stronger temporary bonds she can give me -- you can use this on your own, so it wouldn't require an appointment, just a quick stop-in for the glue.
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Honestly, unfortunately, I lost the filling as I tried putting it inbetween my teeth. Stupid, I left the drain open and it went through :-(
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Oooh, sorry about that Seinfeld. I guess I'd still suggest that you head to the drugstore to see if there's anything there, but I can't say I know of any such product. Good luck!
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It looks like this may be what you are looking for, if your gap is not too wide. Be aware the stuff is basically cement so you'll have to get a dentist to remove it later, but it's safe enough for eating on. Tempanol is another option. Both of these are really for people who have lost fillings, and contain pain reducers, so may not completely work for what you have in mind, but they're a little more secure than the chewing gum maneuver.
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For what it's worth, I actually find it charming when someone has a diasthema.
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Well, it doesn't make me feel very good. It bothers me.

I wonder if even the paste that people use for their dentures will do -- the space is very small.

I'm nervous about anything that requires my dentist to remove.
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