Help me find a shirt for my supervillain cufflinks.
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Where can I find a funky french cuff shirt?

I received a pair of cufflinks with beetles encased in acrylic (they're sort of teal and purple), and I'd like to find a cool shirt I can wear them with. I'll need a 14 1/2 slim cut, so anywhere that carries smaller sizes is a plus.
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ironically, the mister was just perusing a number of them on Paul Fredricks clearance page...granted, "funky" is a fairly subjective term, so I don't know if any of these will fit your bill.
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Google "custom dress shirts online". There are outfits where you design the shirt you want and they make it for you and mail it to you.
You basically enter a fairly complete set of measurements, pick your fabric, and hit a bunch of check-boxes or style options (such as whether you want french cuffs).

I'd guess that the price is probably about $20 more than off-the-rack.
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Whoa, all the other answers disappeared. I guess it was server blippage...

Thanks to everyone who answered. If this pops up in your recent activity and you don't mind the hassle, I'd love it if the folks whose suggestions are gone could repost.
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