Need to find a new pair of high performance polarized sunglasses to replace my lost Costa Del Mar. I need the best.
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Need to find a new pair of high performance polarized sunglasses to replace my lost Costa Del Mar's. I need the best.

This is the pair I had HERE in tortoise and polarized vermillion lenses ($149). I've always loved Costa Del Mar sunglasses which is why I've owned 3 pairs through the years...I'm also heard good things about MauiJim glasses too...though never owned a pair and are not offered in a vermillion hue.

Anyway, the thing that keeps me coming back to Costa Del Mar is the quality of the polarization. They are extremely popular with serious fishermen because the high-grade polarization cuts through the glare on the ocean's surface incredibly well when trying to spot fish from the boat for instance. While I don't fish very often, I certainly appreciate the fact that the lenses are that good. The 2nd reason I'm a fan is because they're offered in the Vermillion color. It's a beautiful hue to look through. Vermillion makes your world look the way it does when a gorgeous sunset is very low and about to disappear below the horizon. Vermillion is not a color often offered by other brands...and if they do, it isn't quite right or it's too weak and pale like rose which I don't like.

You're probably saying, "why don't I just stick with Costa Del Mar then?" I very well might. But I'm 3 pairs in and I'm kind of itching to try something new....and possibly superior.

Does anyone have any top rate recommendations? Just three strict requirements.

1) Polarized lenses of the absolute highest order.
2) Vermillion color which is strong and rich.
3) At least $150 with a top price of $300.

Note. I DON'T want a chic brand like Gucci, Prada and the sort...nor Oakley. I need performance not fashion. Thanks so much in advance.
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I like Rudy Project for cycling glasses. The polarization is excellent and they have sailing-specific models.
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You might want to keep an eye on Steep and Cheap, which frequently has nice sunglasses (including Costa del Mar) at good prices. I've been very happy with everything I've bought from them.
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Best answer: I have been very happy with my smith polarized sunglasses 5+ years of motorcycling, hunting, using as safety glasses and just plain old sunglasses. Really tough, no scratches on the lenses and have not been bent yet. It appears they don't make the style i bought, the maverick is the closest. Before this i bought oakleys, ray bans and usually gargoyles but was never really happy with them.
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Persol. I swear by them. These are not designer sunglasses and the lenses are the best.
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The best polarized shades I've ever owned were Serengeti. Looking at the lens link, I'd say the Sedona tint is their version of vermillion. Of the brands I've owned (Smith, Oakley, Ray-Ban) I consider them the best.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone. Bartonlong, I went with your recommendation and just ordered a pair of Smith Optics. Their online store was very comprehensive and their selection was excellent with many polarized models to select from. I bought their "Interlock Spoiler" model in the Square Tortoise/Polar Brown finish. I'm looking forward to trying them on. Thanks again.
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Just a somewhat unrelated question. I have a pair of Oakleys that are somewhat pricey, but not extremely (around 180 dollars, I seem to remember). They're polarized, and I'm very happy with them.

But I'm wondering, have I just been fooled by never having tried truly good lenses? Are Oakleys generally considered inferior?
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