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Help me find a programmer in Argentina!!!

Hi everyone,

Help me find a programmer in Argentina! I would like to hire a programmer that lives in Argentina, I have a US company and would like to hire someone that works from home. Where is the best place to advertise? Something along the lines of the American or Craigslist etc. Or any sites specific to web development jobs.

Tried to look up sites on my own, but wasn't having much luck. What kinda of salary should I expect to pay if I am looking for someone full time.

Anyone ever hire in Argentina before?

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I have nfi what wages are like in Argentina, but a friend and former coworker is there who I would recommend, PM me if interested. Also, try
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have worked with contracting company called Globant before. Really good programmers, don't know how much they charge.
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I have a friend who shuttles between NYC and Argentina, who owns a development company. He would be an amazing resource for you, for sure. I have no idea what salaries are like in BA, but I'm sure he would. Mail me for info.
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I'm dying to know--what's so special about Argentina?
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A popular jobs site there is If you're searching on that page, desarrollador = developer and programador = programmer.

I did a quick search there and noticed that virtually none of the jobs mention the salary in their descriptions. I did find two though, one of which was for a Senior Java Developer, offering between AR$ 3500 and AR$4000 (~US$ 1000), and the second for an iPhone Developer (2 years exp) offering US$ 1000.

It has been two years since I lived there, working as a programmer. During my time there, prices changed quite a lot as well as the value of the US dollar, so I won't quote any numbers from then. What I can say is that I was surprised at how low salaries in general were relative to the cost of living.

Are you looking for a senior or junior programmer?
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The Argentine equivalent of Silicon Valley is known as Palermo Valley. There's a huge group of techies with that name who can probably help you out.
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pwnguin, I suspect the relative dearth of techie companies, decent level of education, and devalued currency all make Argentina "special" in this instance.
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Actually, there are lots of techie companies here, which makes the tech job market tight in Argentina. It depends on the technology but there are specific user communities for Java, .NET, Python, Ruby, Rails, etc... I'm heavily involved in the Ruby/Rails community here so you can email me if you want and i'm happy to talk w/you.
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