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[WageringWithFoodFilter] Bengals v. Jets...this time, it's for dinner.

I am a lifelong Bengals fan. My co-worker is a die hard Jets fan. We want to place a little wager on the game this Saturday. Don't worry, we don't work at Fidelity.

I suggested that instead of money, if the Jets win I would have some delectable Cincinnati-related food items sent to he and his wife, i.e. a box of Grater's ice cream, some Montgomery Ribs, LaRosa's pizza, Skyline chili, etc. from a site like this one. But we're at a bit of a loss for what NY foodstuffs he should have to pay up if (I mean, WHEN) the Bengals win.

We just got a big box of deli food from Katz's, so I'd say no deli deliveries (except I do love NY Bagels,) but other than that, New Yorkers, what are your favorite local restaurants/foodstuffs that can easily (either online or by phone) ship some tastiness to me in Los Angeles?
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I think North Jersey food is the way to go for the Jets (because, you know, they play in North Jersey. Also, North Jersey food is awesome).

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no way of knowing how you could get Paterson-style chili dogs or Guernsy Crest ice cream via the mail. For chili dogs, though, I've heard Pinks in Hollywood has Jersey-style.

(Luckily, you won't have to worry about this, on account of the Jets winning and all.)
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What about a Russ & Daughter's (or similar) gift pack? Smoked fish, bagles, mmmmm
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w-w-wait...they don't have any Buskens on that site!!!!111!
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If it must be mail order, though, what about a NY cheesecake?
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Best answer: (1) We guarantee freshly baked bagels will be delivered to all 50 States... (2) Seems to require a call, but Papaya King. (3) Anything from Zabars.
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Response by poster: OK, then extra points for North Jersey food! Double extra points for pizza, because now I am craving it.

I live a few blocks from Pink's...I'd much rather have Papaya King! Bagels, yes. Cheesecake, not so much.

Yes, Toodley...there are MANY things they don't have on that site. I am content with Grater's and LaRosa's though. Thank GOD for frozen LaRosa's...though if they could figure out how to ship their provolone garlic bread I might just pass out.

Keep 'em coming, Jets fans! I can't wait to try some of your local favorites next week! :)
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Junior's Cheesecake. Pickles from Guss. Bialys from Kossar's.
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Best answer: Here are some delicious NY style pizzas delivered through the mail, which you will never have a chance to eat. :)
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I think "Taylor Ham" aka Pork Roll definitely a requirement...
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Here is a site that will ship it, although I have never used them.
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Second Taylor Ham. . .it doesn't get more native to NJ than that!
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Carnegie Deli Cheesecake is amazing.
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Response by poster: I think Pho is totally on the right track...I can't wait to try some of those tasty pizzas!

And really? Pork Roll? How have I never heard of this?

(Also hiding my disappointment at the lack of Bengals fans adding to the discussion...*sob*)
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Wow, this is like a conversation my boyfriend (lifetime Jets fan) and I (lifetime Bengals fan) would have... and if by some unknown reason, the Jets win, you must request some delicious black and white cookies.

p.s. WHO DEY.

p.s.s. LaRosas? Pffft. DEWEYS!
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Response by poster: Bananna...I've never even HEARD of Dewey's! I was out of Cincy by 1998 and I guess I missed the wave. I will check it out on my next trip back, but if it's as good as you say it is, I'm definitely not going to waste it on my Jets-fan coworker! :)

And Black and Whites will be involved. Done and done.
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Response by poster: This question is now moot. Thanks for your help and congrats Jets fans!
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