Where's the best place to buy SodaMix flavors for a SodaStream?
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Where's the best place to buy SodaMix flavors for a SodaStream?

Based on some enthusiastic reviews on this very site I requested and received a SodaStream for Christmas. It makes fabulous seltzer and I'm thrilled with the gift.

Samples of certain of the proprietary SodaMix flavors were included. While I anticipate making and drinking lots of "plain" seltzer, I'd be interested in buying some of the SodaMix flavors, which I like for their lack of aspartame (in the diet flavors) and, so far, their general tastiness.

What's the best place to purchase these - through the official company web site? eBay? Other online retailers? A warehouse club?

Also, are there reasonably-priced alternatives to the SodaMix flavors that are of decent quality?

Thank you.
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I buy through their website. And I love my SodaStream too!
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I've only ever found them through the official company website, here. I haven't ordered from this company (yet), but they seem to have inexpensive, unsweetened flavorings for seltzer water (note that shipping is free, and prices are in Swedish kronors, so convert for the real price).
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sodastream retailers
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Wow. I just spent more time looking at that second website, and, well, wow. If you need bootlegging supplies and tee shirts printed with guard dogs to go with your pineapple-flavored soda water, I think that's the one I'd recommend.
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There's at least one entrepreneur here in SoCal who sells flavors for the same price as the company website and delivers your order to your door for free (LASodaClub).

That being said, the company offers a free flavor bottle with the purchase of 10 or something like that.
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If you have soda water, you can mix it with any cheap flavored syrup to make "italian soda". IMO as tasty as pop, cheap if you make the seltzer yourself, and coffee-shop-trendy to boot.
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This is sort of a tangent, but I've had ridiculously good success with dropping some fruit into the soda water and letting nature take its course. I've also squirted some lemon and lime juice in (just a bit) with good results.

PS. Talk about a life-changing purchase. Cheaper and healthier than soft drinks, plus no plastic bottles to add to the landfill. Plus the farting sound of, uh, gassing up a bottle is a source of constant amusement for my niece and nephew.
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That said, I always use the website - you earn "points" for each purchase that basically give you a small discount on your next purchase. I also team up with other friends and do one big order at a time to save on shipping.

(The farting sounds makes my 45 year old boyfriend laugh. Every. Single. Time.)
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This is sort of a tangent, but I've had ridiculously good success with dropping some fruit into the soda water and letting nature take its course.

Also really, really good: thin slices of fresh ginger.
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This is great, everyone. Thanks for the tips. The SodaStream is truly one of the coolest things I've ever owned - life-changing, indeed!
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We love our SodaStream as well. While we use the SodaMix flavors a lot, we often turn for variety to those little on-the-go mixes designed for 20-ounce bottles of water. Crystal Light makes a full line and we like them a great deal, but there are numerous other brands (and generics) as well.

They're easier to mix into the bubbly water if you've diluted them in a bit of plain water first. And please, please, unless you want to be cleaning up foam-over until you could scream, pour them into the bubbly water v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y.
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Dunno if this helps you, but I suspect any syrup would work great. I found some sucralose-sweetened fruit flavored syrups at target this summer (intended for snow cones, but work great for anything). I bet you could even make your own, simple-syrup style. You could also look into standard, Torani or whatever syrup. Or, ya know, concentrated juice. Or whatever.

You can add anything you want as long as you add it to the water after you carbonate it. Cheap stuff like tang or kool-aid, any syrup, whatever.
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Macy's is having a sale right now ($3.99). I usually use juice or a slice of lemon or lime.
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Do people find that these are cost-effective? The company site indicates it's about 25¢ per 12 oz (equivalent of a can), but then there are the base maker costs and the carbonation as well. Or is it merely the convenience?
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Kohls has them on their website and you can usually find free shipping and 20 to 30 percent off codes at slickdeals.net.Sorry about the lack of links, I'm on my mobile.
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Do people find that these are cost-effective?

For me, it's been very cost-effective. I was buying store-brand seltzer water, at about $0.90/liter, and going through about 10 liters per week (I'm a seltzer junkie, what can I say). When I ordered my soda-stream, the cost per liter (including the cost of the bottles, the charging machine, and the first two CO2 cartridges) came down to $0.55/liter. Now that I'm just replacing CO2 cartridges, the cost is down to $0.22/liter. So, yeah, it's a huge savings for someone who regularly drinks seltzer in any noticeable quantity. However, I don't tend to buy the syrups, which bring the price per liter up to the $0.75 range, which would end up being pretty comparable to most name-brands (if purchased in 2-liter bottles).
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I ordered from here: http://prairiemoon.biz/symidi.html and while their service and prices are good, the product was not - the result just tasted awful. I try to buy my flavors at camping world (it's in a local RV dealer) and that way i save on shipping. I'm going to try that crystal lite idea, though...
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