Yo TC, where my skee-ball at?
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Anyone know of a place to play skee-ball on a cold Sunday night in the Twin Cities? A plus if it’s adult friendly. (i.e. A bar might better suit this crowd than Chuck E. Cheese.)
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Best answer: Dave and Buster's is like the adult Chuck E. Cheese, they have skeeball, and they have multiple locations in the twin cities I believe..
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Space Aliens Grill and Bar. Found from Googling.
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Best answer: Space Aliens is not really Twin Cities...it's like 30 miles away (by the Albertville Outlets)

It sounds like this place has skee-ball although I have never been there.
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Best answer: I think the Gameworks in Block E had skee ball last time I was there. But that was several years ago, so I can't promise that it's still there.
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Ditto iwhitney - I remember there being skeeball at Gameworks when I visited Minneapolis 2-ish years ago.
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There is a Space Aliens in Blaine, and the only Dave and Buster's is in Maple Grove. Those two and Gameworks all have bars/serve liquor but there will be kids in the game areas unless it isvery late at night.
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Response by poster: For posterity’s sake:

I went out to Dave and Buster’s tonight to check it out. The lanes were clean. 50 cents a game, although you have to use a prepaid card to play. Not too crowded, at least on a Sunday night. The food was mediocre at best. They’re open late every night of the week.

So if you’re in the neighborhood, have somewhere else to eat, and just want to throw a few games, it works.

We’ll check out GameWorks and Bootleggers next weekend and post here.

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