Looking for a green leaf smoothie recipe.
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A seller down at my local farmer's market makes a great mostly green leaf vegetable mixed smoothie/drink. The only problem is he charges 20 bucks a gallon for it. Does anyone know a recipe consisting mostly of greens that tastes great?

As far as I can tell, the recipe the seller uses is mostly lettuce, kale, and other garden greens. He claims it has 17 different leaf vegetables in it. I don't need a recipe with 17 different greens, but I'd love to know one that is mostly vegetable that still tastes great. One more thing, I believe he uses apple juice as a base, but you do not taste any strong apple taste in the drink. Thanks for any help/recipe you have to offer!
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You might check out the Green Smoothie Blog.

I love green smoothies. I'm having one right now with baby spinach, micro greens, frozen bananas and paypaya and water. I think you can really mix up almost any green or vegetable and as long you as you throw a banana or two in it, it tastes great.
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There are plenty of recipes online for "green lemonade".

The one I'm familiar with contains kale, spinach, carrot, beet greens, celery tops, apple, lime, and lemon. Just play around with the proportions a bit.
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I recommend the Green Smoothie Challenge. If you sign up for their 14-day challenge (drink a green smoothie a day for 14 days), they'll send you a recipe a day for the 14 days.

When I did it, I stuck mainly to the banana/romaine smoothie, which is 3 bananas, half a head of romaine (or sub in spinach leaves, etc) and 2 cups of water. That recipe can also be crazy cheap, even if you use organic romaine (as they'll recommend you do). They really are delicious. Want. Now.
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The trick for making "green lemonade" as palatable as it is = Fuji apples. They add the sweet without an overpowering apple taste.
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I buy bags of frozen mixed berries at Costco, then make smoothies containing said berries and about 3 servings of spinach and a couple fistfuls of other greens with a little bit of orange or grapefruit juice for a base. The berries make it taste great, and we've calculated that drinking one pint is like having two or more salads.
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Frozen bananas*
Fresh spinach and/or beet greens (which just rock, but do have a sharp, distinctive tang)
Frozen orange juice; sweetness, and a different tang
Frozen blueberries

extras, as per mood:
Walnuts (good guy fat)
Flax seeds**(better good guy fat)
Steel cut oats***
Stevia (okay, okay, so I cheat; I like sweet)

*I go to the local supermarket in early am when they are stocking fresh, tossing slightly browned bananas, I get a paper grocery sack of bananas for $2, peel them and freeze them in freezer bags; have to use less ice then to make thick, cold summer drinks
**I keep the flax seeds in the refrigerator to keep them fresh(er), which also keeps the oils in them from binding all over the coffee grinder that I use to grind them to dust
***Steel cut oats ground to dust same as the flax seeds -- they taste bland bland bland as dust, tis true, but that is why god made stevia. I have very, very clean blood, low cholesterol.
****Carrots are sweeter than you might think; if you have a juicer, carrot juice is an amazing base for smoothies
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