What's this horror/comedy/fantasy-themed series I read when I was a kid?
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HeyLookIt'sAnotherChildren'sBookFilter! Way back when during a John Bellairs kick I read a horror/comedy/fantasy-themed series about a town that the Devil frequently visited (or perhaps set up) and the adventures of its townspeople. [More vague details inside]

The main theme of the series was that the Devil was frequently involved in the affairs of this town (whether through establishing it or visiting it or what), and people were often unlucky as a result but the townspeople always managed to defeat the Devil's tricks and meddling by the end. I think in the center of the town there was an "evil" tree that the Devil may have planted; this might have also been in only one of the books.

I do remember the plot of one of the books involved a possibly demonic salesman courting a townsman's daughter. Another involved some sort of cream or something that made inanimate objects come to life and jump around and whatnot, but the townspeople were finally able to wash it off by loading a firetruck with one lady's super-effective lye.

The books were not really chronological and didn't always involve the same characters, except for the Devil. I remember finding them funny and "edgy" (edgy for a elementary-schooler, though). I'm sorry about the lack of detail, but would greatly appreciate any help.
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I don't know the book, but this sounds a lot like the TV show American Gothic starring Gary Cole. Maybe it was loosely based?
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Best answer: It sounds like the Coven Tree series by Bill Brittain
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Response by poster: That's it, gnat! Thank you! Hooray for AskMe!
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