Is there a simple one-click "email a photo" app for iPhone?
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Is there an iPhone app that will take a picture using the camera and then send it to a pre-designated email address in full resolution with one click?

Basically, I use my iPhone's camera as a quick "note-taking" device all the time, and I'm trying to avoid the whole process of:

1. Open app, 2. Snap picture, 3. Click the gallery button, 4. Choose the picture, 5. Click the action button, 6. Choose to email the photo, 7. Type my own email address, 8. Hit send.

And even when you do that it doesn't email the photo in full resolution. To do that you have to go through an even longer process. Ideally I'd love for the process to be just:

1. Open app, 2. Snap picture.

Sounds like a really simple thing for someone to create, right? Well, if it's out there, I sure can't find it.

My phone is jailbroken, if that turns out to be a necessity. Thanks!
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It's not email, but I use Evernote for this, and my workflow is: unlock phone, run Evernote, choose "Snapshot", take picture, click "Use". It then creates a new note in my Evernote account which is synced with Evernote running on my computer (or which I can get at via the web app).
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2nding evernote.
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I do believe dropbox can do similar to Evernote.
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Email-able in one click (click then type in email address or choose email from your contact list), plus post processing options should you want to get art-y: CameraBag
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I don't know, but instead of steps 3, 4 and 5, you could just double-tap the wee thumbnail in the bottom left corner, and then another tap in the same spot will get you to the "email photo" stage.

Not a real answer, but perhaps a touch quicker.
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Evernote will also let you tag your photos, so you can easily view any you've taken as part of a series in one set.
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Response by poster: I thought about Evernote, and I have used it in the past, but the problem is I'm so absent-minded I'll never remember to check it. Emailing it to myself gives me a reminder when I'm back at my computer when I can actually get some work done on the note I took.

I do appreciate the suggestions, though!
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Best answer: I haven't tried it but I've recently been looking at lots of camera apps for my new iphone, and I came across this: All @ Once, which looks like it is intended to enable you to send photos immediately to your friends, but I imagine you could be your own (and only) friend in the settings, at least it appears that way from the screen shots.
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....aaaaand I just came across CameraBag, which also has an immediate email capability. It's the same price (they're both currently $1.99) but with camerabag you get all the fancy filters that you can play with so you can make your photos look like Lomo or Holga or old plastic instamatic or whatever.
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Response by poster: CameraBag isn't quite what I was hoping for. All @ Once is very, very close, and cuts down on most of the clicking. If they removed the initial splash screen, it would be exactly what I was asking for. (Plus, its icon is awful.)

Thanks, tractorfeed!
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