The mouse in the house goes on the second monitor
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MultipleMoniterFileter: My Google-Fu is suprisingly useless today. I know there's a utility for OSX that allows one mouse to move across all networked monitors, but cannot locate it.
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I have dual monitors on my G4, and this morning I finally got around to upgrading my B&W G3 to OSX. All three monitors sit together and I would love to use one mouse and keyboard on both machines; I remember seeing an app that made this happen. But no matter how many times I google/versiontrack/macupdate, it eludes me... so sad I am. Maybe I dreamt up this application? Has anyone heard of it?
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boaz, can I buy you a beer?
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Is there any way of doing this on networked PC's?
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Synergy is good for this. Especially if your systems are running other OSes.

It's also good if you have a complex topology, like a 4x4 wall of screens, each on different computers.

(For extra fun, make a maze out of said wall, by defining the topology as "right edge of screen1a goes to screen1b, but left on screen1b goes to 2b").
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We use Synergy in our offshore surveying projects. Picture a little van stacked with computers. Works like a champ.
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Teleport looks so easy but my machines will not see each other! I've installed it on both and they are on the same network. Do I need to manually open ports for it to work properly? (The readme says it sends over 44176 using UDP; I don't know what that means but I turned off all port-blocking and still no worky.)
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Synergy is what I use, and what I was about to write a tutorial about.
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I use Win2VNC across three monitors, machines, and operating systems. (Win98, Win2k, and linux/KDE). I abso-fucking-lutely love it and can't live without it anymore. It's massively cool and sexy and so simple and reliable it just makes me sick with envy I hadn't thought of it myself. This is probably the 10th time I've recommended it on MeFi in general.

Matt, what's the advantage/difference of Synergy compared to Win2VNC? No VNC servers?
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FWIW, deleting the Teleport's prefs file gets it going - but it is not as stable as it could be. Has anyone used Synergy with OSX?
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