What is this sound clip?
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What's this intro that I keep hearing at the beginning of Korean pop music?

I hear it on a ton of the newer tracks. It's not just on official music videos, either; it plays at the beginning of videos of live performances too. I don't speak Korean, but it almost sounds like it's in English. "Latent Sound" or something like that? Does anybody have any insight into what it actually is?

Examples (all YouTube):
After School - AH
Brown Eyed Girls - How Come
Son DamBi - Saturday Night
U-Kiss - Talk to Me (proving that it's part of the song, not part of the music video)
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I dunno, interesting. It sounds like "Play this sound" to me.
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Best answer: From what I can gather, they're all produced by some guy/group named 'Brave Brothers', who uses that as some sort of tag.
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Best answer: from googling, I think it's saying "Brave Sound"
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forgot to link
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Response by poster: Excellent. Thanks a ton, jangie and rollick!
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