Cute, but they'd probably tear your face off
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What were these small cats I saw in the predator house at the Berlin Zoo?

My picture is here, and at the time I labeled them "Jaguarinos". Now that picture is the first result when you search Google images for Jaguarinos, but I don't think the name is right.

They are not Sand Cats since the ears are way too small and the colors are wrong. The comments on this blog post lead me to the Rusty-Spotted Cat, but the head shape does not match at all.

Any ideas what they are?
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Yes! I got the name just a bit wrong, Thank you!
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I'm guessing they are Jaguarundi, there's a pic on german wikipedia that looks an awful lot like the one on the left in your photo.
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Should have previewed...
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So glad you posted this! I saw a stuffed one just last weekend at the natural history museum here in Austin. Apparently, they're native to Texas, but I'd never seen one and forgot the name. I just kept referring to them as otter cats.
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