What to do with all this pickled garlic?
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What should I do with all this pickled garlic?

My brother has become obsessed with canning and pickling. Over the summer, at my suggestion, he made pickled garlic, so much pickled garlic.

Now I have many big, beautiful jars of spicy pickled garlic cloves. I love it, and can it eat plain, to a point - it's intense stuff. So I'm looking for ways to use the garlic - especially in soups, stews, or the like.

Thank you!
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I would think the pickled nature of the garlic would add too much vinegar or other flavors to Brown’s dish.

Honestly, all I can think of doing is hosting a ton of cocktail parties and serve them with cheese and olives.
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blend some up and mix with butter and have a terrine of garlic butter on hand?

stuff your own olives?

Regift? :)
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This may seem like an odd combination, but I was at a party a few years ago that had both pickled garlic and a caramel dipping sauce for apples. The garlic and caramel went together surprisingly well.
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Chop it up and mix it with Hummus.
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Pickled garlic is a popular condiment used in Northern Chinese food. A Xi'an style lamb soup is traditionally served with dry flatbread (torn in to pieces) and pickled garlic. another link here
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What I would do, actually, is use them in recipes that call for olives or anchovies, since that's essentially what they've become — rich, very salty little flavor nuggets. For example, since you're looking for stews, a lot of Mediterranean-type braises call for a few sliced olives or mashed-up anchovies to add flavor to the vegetable base that the main ingredients are cooked in, and I'm willing to bet a handful of pickled garlic would would make a great substitution there.

Throw a piece of lamb or some dark-meat chicken in a dutch oven with, say, chopped up eggplant, onions, peppers, tomatoes and some of your brother's garlic; let it cook in a hot oven with the lid on for a while, and then with the lid off for a while; add some chopped parsley and a squeeze of lemon at the end. I predict tastiness.
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I was going to suggest you might actually try and make a chutney with them, too. Similar to some of the other suggestions, I think the right amount of sweetness could really complement the sharp, salty flavor. If you were really ambitious, you could even try a jam / marmalade.
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