Trying to remember what scared the crap out of me as a youngster.
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I'm trying to find a horror comic that was written in the (I think) early '90s.

The art was very good, and the colors were unreal- very saturated, as I can remember it. There were a handful of stories in it, and these are the ones I can recollect:

A man finds or adopts a girl who is more of a monster than a human. He tries to love her as a daughter, but she does these horrible things, which includes catching and mutilating/eating animals (maybe his pet cat or dog?) and killing his wife.

A man who lives in an apartment that is always kept ice cold. One day the power goes off and he pleads to his neighbor to deliver him ice. After not getting his apartment cold enough, he basically decomposes and we see the scribbling of an explanatory note that says he's been dead for a long time but has kept himself "alive" through the refrigeration of his apartment.

There were other stories in this comic book, but these are the two that stand out clearly in my memory.
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This is just a wild guess, but Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children? I used to love those, and some were quite macabre. Very well done art.
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The second story sounds like an adaptation of Lovecraft's "Cool Air". The adaptations section of its wikipedia entry mentions a couple of possible comics.
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The first story sounds an awful lot like the Masters of Horror episode "Jenifer", which was originally published in the comic anthology Creepy.
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I never knew Wrightson drew an adaptation of "Cool Air." I'll have to check that out.
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Yes! Thanks Lentrohamsanin and mkultra. Still trying to find the actual magazine that had these stories in it, but these are the right ones.

I found a full version of "Jenifer" too:
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Here's the Cool Air comic:

Can't seem to find the one compilation though. It'll be much easier though, now I have the names. Thanks everyone.
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Those were awesome!
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I had a colored reprint of the Jenifer story in his mini-series "Master of the Macbre" from the 80s. Perhaps that's where you saw it? I wouldn't be surprised if it may have been reprinted again in the 90s.
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That is it exactly!
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Even after you've had your question answered, I would like to point out that you might very much like the much-missed comic anthology series Taboo.
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