Can I use a Video Camera as a webcam?
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Can I use a Sony Handycam DCRVX2100 video camera connected to a windows laptop as a webcam on a WebEx web conference?

I have to go to one of our offices in mid-january to attend a workshop and help run a WebEx web conference for some remote attendees that can't get out to the office in Colorado - the first time we have used WebEx.

The office manager there has a Sony DCRVX2100 handycam and I have been tasked with finding out if I can use that on a tripod and have it hooked up to my laptop acting as the webcam as we want to have the ability to pan around the room onto the attendees and also zoom in on the speaker. I have downloaded the manual for the video camera and it shows there is an i.Link connection on it, and I have a Firewire port on my laptop.

Trying to figure this out in Virginia without seeing the camera is making me very nervous and I need to know if I will be able to connect the handycam to my HP laptop (windows XP), and have it recognized as a camera and then use it as the webcam - also will WebEx automatically recognize it as a webcam?
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You can't use the i.Link connection for a webcam. The manual for that camera, available from the product page, will indicate whether you can use it for this.
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you most likely can use the firewire connection, you might need something like the freeware/ad supported software SplitCAM which I've used in the past to hook my firewire camcorder in as a webcam. I had to use a seperate microphone though, but I think that was a problem with my particular camcorder...
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