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Could somebody help decide what I should do for my architechture thesis.

i have about a week to decide. i have shortlisted two options.
i live in Delhi and the river Yamuna flows through it. I thought that making small ports along the river would be cool for ferries to take people up and down the river as there are some important places along the river like a fort and a tomb. nice public space could be created where people dont need to take their cars. the city traffic can be torture. my professor found this interesting but the issue is that the river is too polluted and there is usually not enough water. I am looking at other Indian cities but its hard to do so with only google images and google earth as my aids. i can afford to travel to all these cities and i only have a week.
i also thought of doing a cultural centre for kids where they can spend time, learn, have fun. basically a place where kids have the opportunity to develop their potential in any fields they might be interested in.
which one sounds more interesting to you guys? feel free to give any other suggestions.
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The ferry thing sounds neat, but if there isn't enough water, there isn't enough water.
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Why not a center alongside the river where kids can learn about the river, why it's so polluted, why it seldom has enough water, how rivers in various parts of the world once carried the majority of commerce but have largely been made redundant by the automobile et al?
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Go with what you know and what you have easy access to the necessary information. Just remember that whatever you decide on, that being "cool" is not a requisite for starting an architectural project. It should be based on a real or perceived need. Building a public space where there is no need is an exercise in futility and really hard to design.

From a starting point, just wander around certain areas and try to see where there is a need. Is there an area in the city where there are hordes of kids without any place to play? Look for potential areas which could be redeveloped. Try to get an idea of how the project could be funded and with what kind of budget. Work from there.
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An architectural-program (an architectural thesis) is often more clearly articulated if it is distinct from the use-program (the function) unless the thesis is about programming.

For example, Mies van der Rohe's architectural program is equally clear and operative in the case of a single family home, an apartment tower, as well as a gas station. The same can be said for Wright, Corb, Piano, Siza, Ando, Hadid, Frank Furness or Rem Koolhaas.

From my point of view, the use-program is almost irrelevant.
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Best answer: Architecture professor here, agree 100% with xod. An arch thesis shouldn't be about how useful or necessary something would be, but what you as an architect can propose / create in response to it.
In other words, it's not a social work thesis.
Neither of your ideas sounds especially interesting to me, as you haven't told us what you, as an architect, plan to do with them.
Maybe you could take as your starting point "the river is too polluted and there is usually not enough water". What sort of riverfront areas can you build based on that premise?
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