Help me find a Prius doctor in Brooklyn?
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Friends, Romans, Crooklynites: I heard the first terrifying sound from my 2005 Prius this morning, and it reminded me that I've been meaning to ask you for mechanic recommendations. I drove out to SF over the summer, and before I drove back I had my car looked at at Art's Automotive in Berkeley. I had a great experience, and I refuse to go back to the level of "care" I was formerly accustomed to here. I know the likelihood of a hybrid-friendly repair shop is slimmer here in the Big Easty, but I wonder if you might be able to refer me to a mechanic in Brooklyn (or thereabouts) with whom I can entrust my Prius.

I am sorry that I just called New York the Big Easty.
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If reliable recommendations from friends or MeFites are not forthcoming, I always recommend perusing The Mechanics Files on the Car Talk web site. I've had good experiences with well-reviewed mechanics that I've found there.
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I don't have Brooklyn-specific recommendations (when we lived in Queens, we had an old Mazda that only broke down on trips upstate). But now I'm in Portland with an '04 Prius, and I've had genuinely good experiences at Toyota dealerships.

It's only had one major mechanical issue -- the big red exclamation-point triangle came on as I drove up to Seattle. (It was the timing belt.) A dealership off the interstate fixed it for exactly zero dollars, and gave me a free loaner for a day.

Priuses have a lot of unique issues, but the Toyota guys have seen them all. Good luck!
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2nding the The Mechanics Files section of the Car Talk site.
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Actually, I'd suggest going to the Maintenance forum on and asking there.
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