Help me find this fabric
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Help me find this fabric.

This fabric was purchased in the '80s in Connecticut. Any ideas of where I can find a similar fabric (for upholstery) nowadays? Any suggestions for describing the pattern type for searching purposes?
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There are some similar fabrics here. Scroll down to the ones that say "retro."
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This was the most similar I could find searching for birds+upholstery+fabric on ebay.

It looks very similar to Schumacher fabric, so try googling for Schumacher and/or vintage and/or birds. They don't have this print currently on their website, but they have lots of similar ones. (so ebay is probably your best bet if you search for those words. Or the Supplies and Vintage sections of You'll definitely find similar fabrics, if they are close enough... lots with tropical birds and others with cardinals that are nice.
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This site was an FPP a while back - might be worth checking.
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Have a look through the Brunschweig & Fils catalog. Even if you can't find an exact match, they have a wonderful selection!
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I would search for "chintz" as you're looking around.
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Thibaut has some similar, but not the same. Unfortunately I have never found an easy way to search their site: you must go to each collection, scroll down for fabric, and click on it for different colorways. MaryDellamorte's eBay find seems closer than the birds I've seen on Thibaut, though.
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You appear to live in NYC. You might want to head down to Zarin on the lower east side (Grand and Allen Sts.). They have a ton of upholstery fabric, and if they don't have it , they might be able to identify the maker and order it. Or, you could probably just give them a call and send them a link to the image, save yourself the trip.
It's an off chance, but you can also check online at
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Depending on your exact project and how closely you need to match can print custom fabric. Getting a clean scan off of your old sample might a trick though.

They have an "Upholstery Weight Cotton Twill" for $32/yard.
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