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I'd like a decent ultraviolet ink pen.

I've seen the Dr. Who sonic screwdriver pen, and it seems simultaneously bulky and flimsy. My thought was to get a UV ink refill that will fit this pen. I can find UV ink in bottles, but not in a refill. Maybe I'm using the wrong terms?

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How about Risk reactor? (caveat: I haven't done business with them). The search I used is: uv-invisible ink refill ballpoint
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Response by poster: I'd kind of like the light and the pen to be in the same unit.

The thinkgeek pen has the "advantage" of also being a laser pointer and a stylus (the stylus that comes with the Centro is v. flimsy).
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Just a note in case you were considering it - that particular ink is *not* something you'd want to use in fountain pens. Dip pens, sure.
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This is the refill for the spy pen that I own.
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Noodler's ink makes an invisible ink that is only visible under UV light, is waterproof, and is safe for use in a fountain pen or a refillable roller ball.
I've never seen a fountain pen with an attached UV light, though, and it's unlikely that you'll find a standard roller ball or ballpoint refill with UV ink. If you were really careful, you might be able to drill out the plug end of a rollerball refill, then drain it, clean it, and refill it with your own ink. You'd still need to make sure the refill fit into whatever pen you had, which would probably mean trimming the refill to fit or filling the barrel with a spring to hold the refill in place.
On the other hand, you could try grafting a light onto an inexpensive pen, or find someone with a lathe and some creativity to make one for you.
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I got a few of these el cheapo pens (with lights), which seem to do just what they say on the tin.
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Response by poster: The ThinkGeek pen is out of stock, but here's another vendor who seems to be selling the same thing.
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