Oh my aching right foot that, along with its counterpart, is about to run a marathon...
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i can't see a specialist for three weeks but i've got a marathon coming up and i need to know before that.

these are the facts and i'm trying to figure out the cause...
1. i wear orthodics. the right one is the neutral one. it cracked. i noticed a few weeks before that that, below the third and forth toes, a dull sensation. i originally thought it was caused by the crack in the orthodic.
2. i went back to my prior set of orthodics. they were essentially the same orthodics as the pair i had been using.
3. now i'm noticing that EXACTLY after 75 minutes i get this sudden pain, as if i'm stepping on a marble (not a beebee, not a golf ball, a marble). it hurts like crazy. the pain doesn't radiate throughout the foot or up the leg.
4. and then, after EXACTLY 15 minutes, the pain suddenly vanishes.
5. i haven't done any sudden ramping up of mileage, i run mostly on sand, grass, or dirt. there's nothing that i've stepped on that could have wedged in my shoe, the interior of the shoe is smooth, et cetera.
6. i've looked on all the obvious running sites and can find nothing about what this could be. any suggestions, please???
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Best answer: IANAD, but look into Morton's neuroma. They're not uncommon.
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I have a neuroma in my foot. It sucks. You can get a cortisone shot which might help you through the race. It's nice that your pain goes away after 15 minutes, but you may find that with the long marathon (is it all on pavement?) the pain persists throughout the race.
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Response by poster: hi blahlala.
yup, all on pavement. i've run 5 hours on trails and, other than the 15 minute window of pain, there's nothing after that or after the run. i've been doing research based on kuujjaurpik's post and he/she's spot-on: i ordered some metatarsal pads - pharmacies don't seem to carry them. i hope they arrive within the week.
here's a very useful diagnosis tool: http://www.hapad.com/hapadpro/symptom.shtml (click on the area, it gives a brief description. then buy whatever pad they suggest.
hope this helps...
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