Tired of the Huge Overpriced Hotels and Hotel List Sites Showing Up In My Search Results
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Does anyone know of any inexpensive motel list sites that specialize in mom and pop motels and weekly rates and let you search by price?

So far, I've found these three sites:

Motel Trip
Motel Guide
Mom and Pop Motels

But they aren't providing me with the details I need. I'm not so much interested in searching only by location and they aren't consistently, if at all, showing the motel's web address or rates.

Also, I'm looking for one that may specialize in weekly rates.

I appreciate your help. Thanks.
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I'm sorry this answer isn't more helpful, but what you're wanting is going to be, by definition, hard to find. The system in the background that takes a hotel's rates and disburses them to all of the websites online isn't free. A lot of the mom & pop hotels that operate on budget rates choose not to participate in these. Combine that with the fact that these motels' rates probably fluctuate weekly or monthly, and it makes it very hard to put together something that will let you search by rate.
As much as I hate to say it, your best bet will probably be googling motels in the area you're wanting and calling the ones that aren't full of scary reviews.
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