Import/export international trade license?
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Does anyone have any information on what it takes to obtain an import or export license for international trade into the U.S.?
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Response by poster: We were thinking about things like pottery or rugs....
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A pickup truck and some friends in the US border patrol.
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US Customs might be a good place to check, since they give out the licenses.
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What's the commodity? Are you talking about export of controlled commodities? Military goods, high-tech lasers, chemical precursor, encryption technology? Those commodities fall under the purview of the Dept. of Commerce and State rather than Customs. Not many commodities require licenses or permits for import into the US. Only military, endangered species related goods come to mind.
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Unless you're trading in controlled items, which seems most unlikely in your case, the good news is that you don't need import or export licenses, as the USA is (mostly) a free-trading country. No bureaucrat's permission is required for you engage in trade with most foreigners.
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