I need suggestions for a money clip
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I'm looking for a non gaudy or garish looking money clip (think minimal) that I can find in NYC or on the internets. Any suggestions?
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Tiffany Classic Money Clip. If you want to spend way less, this one is $5, made of nickel and the engraving is optional. There are dozens and dozens like this all over, though - just Google "classic money clip" or "silver money clip".
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Mr. Mon Dieu has the Smart Money Clip by Storus, which he loves, because he can also store a few business cards and his debit card in it. He's all about the minimal stuff and hunted a long time before he found this one.
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Saks Fifth Avenue has a good assortment. Lots of minimal in leather or more exotic skins. I have this one, but the last time I was at the midtown Manhattan store, there must have been over a hundred different ones to choose from. Price range $75-$250.
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Have you thought about the Jimi Wallet? I've heard good things. It's a bit more than just a money clip, but still fairly minimal.
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I use this one
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i like the plain titanium money clip.
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go to things remembered. their stuff is designed to be engraved so its usually subtle to plain if you dont get it engraved.
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I use this money clip - discovered it at Walgreen's earlier this year, and it's one of the best investments I ever made. Holds up to 30 folded bills on one side, and up to 6 cards on the other. Plus, it can be engraved if you so desire.
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I just got this clip for Mr. Shotglass. His main concern was capacity (waiters tend to carry a wad of cash) and he's not the shiny fancy type. He was quite pleased with my selection.
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My wife bought me this Troika wallet/money clip in Oslo last year (orange/chocolate). I love it, cut the bulk in my pocket in half. I got to Texas and a guy I work with has the same wallet, also bought by his wife, and loves it too.
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Seconding the Storus or something like it- just got it for the boyfriend to replace his bulky wallet, and he loves it. It fits six cards, or just one, and more or less whatever money you'd like. Nice and boring, and looks less likely to ruin your pants.
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