Where can I buy a Hakapik?
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Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a hakapik?

I'm not actually interested in hunting seals. I'm just interested in unusual hand tools. There is still commercial sealing going on the world so I'd think someone would manufacture the tools of the trade commercially. If they exist, they don't seem to have a website I can find through Google. Any ideas?
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Kathleen Parker wrote a column in the Washington Post in which she describes receiving one in the mail. You could email her about where she got hers (her address is at the end of the column).
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Best answer: Ethical issues aside, the easiest way is apparently to request one from PETA if you've got the clout (no pun intended).

If that doesn't work out, the moderator of this pro seal-hunt site says that your best bet beyond making your own is to contact a maritime commercial fishing supply store such as Mercer's Marine or IMP Marine who might be able to direct you to a local tradesperson.
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