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Recommend me a headset for a friend who plays World of Warcraft.

I dug up some old MeFi threads dated a few years back asking the same question, but I'd like recommendations to newer products please. I have no knowledge of how Ventrilo works on World of Warcraft, nonetheless what to look out for in terms of compatibility. My budget is $50, and preferably something I can buy at a local Best Buy, Target, or Wal-mart for some last minute Christmas shopping!
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Best answer: There's really nothing to worry about in terms of compatibility. Either it'll have 2 3.5mm jacks (your standard headphone jacks), for headphones and mic, or it'll be USB (or it may have the 2 3.5mm jacks, and a USB adapter). Nothing to worry about there, as both will work just fine unless he doesn't have a sound card with a microphone or line-in port (pretty close to inconceivable).

Headsets are all basically the same. Logitech is the standard go-to for this stuff, with some boutique manufacturers popping up here and there (SteelSeries, Razer I think has some, a few other oddball companies trying to compete here and there).

Go with what looks/is comfortable, unless you know something specific about their tastes such as on-ear versus over-the-ear, or if they'll value higher sound quality. On this front, despite having owned ten different headsets over time, I can't comment. They all sound and operate pretty much the same.
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Just to say, if he/she uses a Mac, I'd recommend a USB one, as I've had trouble getting mini-jack wired headsets working on several Apple laptops.
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Concur, they are all the same. Just get a Logitech. Do not get the kind made for VOIP that only have one earphone.
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If they don't need to use headphones, get them ones with separate microphone and earphone jacks (not the USB). That way they can plug in the mic jack and use it but still listen over their system speakers by not plugging in the earphone jack.
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Best answer: Things to consider:

As mentioned above, Macs prefer USB connections. Im general, they have less dangly bits, so I prefer them overall.

Wireless is a great way to go (Nothing dangling to distract you from playing), but it should then be easy to recharge or have at least a 6 hour battery. Last time I checked a few months ago, nothing out there had a replaceable battery, meaning the headset was disposeable after a few months of heavy use. Hopefully this has changed by now...

Stereo vs. Mono - does he play in a dedicated room, where he can use external speakers, or on a laptop or in a room where other people will be around, and external sound would be an issue? A lightweight mono headset would be fine in the former, a good stereo set would be best in the latter.

Does he travel when he plays? Does the headset need to be portable?
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I use a Plantronics headset from Best Buy to do my gaming. It's comfy and the sound is great, plus the mic is good. I would tell you not to buy the Altec Lansing brand from Best Buy. I had one that broke after about 10 minutes of use.
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Best answer: Sennheisers are great and cheap on newegg.com. Ahh, you're short on time. Yes yes, this is understandable.

Here ya go, Plantronics Gamecom 377s at BestBuy.

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Best answer: I will second the Plantronics Gamecom 377s, I have a pair that fit my massive noggin comfortably, sound fantastic, and apparently transmit very well (I occasionally provide in-game music during MeFightClub matches). If you have a Fry's Electronics near you, buy them there. I paid 10 bucks less than the link above.
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I don't play World of Warcraft anymore, but I was very happy with my Sennheiser headset. Sennheiser is a great brand, and the particular model that I used had a volume adjuster and mic mute on the cable - truly convenient! Might want to keep an eye out for that feature, on whatever headset you get.

Also, you might want to consider if your friend prefers behind-the-head headphones (to not mess with that perfectly-coiffed hairstyle, or the regular over-the-head kind.
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