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Whilst looking to purchase an ergonomic keyboards like the Kinesis or Goldtouch keyboards they all seem to be in the US layout which is a bit of a problem as I'm used to the UK layout.

Could anyone recommend me an ergonomic keyboard with a UK Qwerty layout?
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On all the Kinesis keyboards I've ever used, you can remap any key to any other key, in the keyboard itself (no software needed). It's a little bit of a pain, but you only have to do it once.
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The Kinesis Advantage is based on the Maltron keyboard, which is made by a British company, and I believe they sell UK keyboards. The Maltrons cost about twice as much as a Kinesis, and the Kinesis keyboards are expensive to start with.
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Best answer: Am I missing something? This it what it says on the Kinesis webpage:

Advantage keyboard also offered in German, Swedish, UK and US International versions. For more information please contact us or visit our reseller page for a list of our European distributors.

And when I clicked on the relevant links, I came to this reseller's webpage.
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I am currently typing on a Kinesis Advantage purchased from that very same reseller in the UK. It has a U.S. keyboard layout. At the very least, you should check the layout before purchasing from them.
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Could anyone recommend me an ergonomic keyboard with a UK Qwerty layout?

Bad question -- don't compromise the ergonomic aspect for the layout. There are many useless/crappy/harmful ergonomic keyboards out there. Hopefully randomstriker's comment means a UK layout Kinesis exists. But if all else fails, remap the keys. They will pry my Kinesis out of my cold dead (but healthy and pain-free) hands.
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