What are the pans used for Moroccan shortbread cookies?
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Please help me find a specialized cookie pan/sheet/mold, used for shortbread cookies in Morocco.

I'm asking this question for a friend. Her mother in Morocco makes a traditional shortbread cookie, and uses a special pan to make them. My friend would like to give her mother some more of these pans, but finding them proves difficult. This is what I know:
  • The cookies are baked on a metal cookie sheet that has indentations, similar to the cookie sheets used for madeleine cookies.
  • The shape of the indentations are round (not shell-shaped, like with madeleines) with a design on the bottom.
  • The cookies are approximately the same size as madeleines (in diameter and also in thinness).
  • The pan is square, and makes 12 cookies.
  • Shortbread cookies in Morocco used to always be cooked in one of these pans, but this has stopped in recent years.
  • The cookies are called sablĂ©, which I believe is French for "sandies" but I could have that wrong. They are not filled or frosted.
  • I thought the pan might be a double-duty sort of thing that is a ma'amoul mold and pan in one, but I've asked and it is not.
We would love to find one of these pans, or at least a official name for the pan that would help us better find them.
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Not familiar with the cookies, but would one of these work?

Petit Fours Pan

Mini Shortcake Pan

Going to Amazon>Kitchen&Dining>Bakeware>Small Pastry Molds>Silicone yields a ton of different molds, one might be the right one.
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Sur la Table has shortbread molds, I don't remember seeing round ones though ... give them a buzz and they should be able to help you. If not, try Williams Sonoma or, strangely enough, Cost Plus which sometimes has esoteric baking equipment.
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Response by poster: As a follow-up, thanks for the links and suggestions! Unfortunately, we still cannot find the cookie pans/sheets. I've marked this as "stumped" as it seems they will never be found.
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