State of the sidewalks in DC?
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How slushy are the streets in downtown Washington DC right now?

I'm heading down to DC for the day tomorrow and attending a somewhat dressy event in the evening, and trying to decide which shoes to wear. Because of the nature of the event & my transportation I won't be able to carry much in the way of a bag, so cannot change shoes at any point. My options are: black Clarks similar to these or black snow boots similar to these. I'll be wearing a black suit. I'll be walking a bit, but not much - for a few blocks around H & 11th and a few blocks around 18th & K. I'd prefer the Clarks in terms of appropriateness for the event and comfort, but am wondering how the sidewalks are. Any first hand accounts from today?
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Most of the sidewalks downtown are clear, but the curbs are not, so you're pretty likely to have to step in some slush or a big puddle while crossing the street. I'd wear the boots. (I say this as someone who stepped in a big puddle this morning and got icy water in my shoe.)
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VERY. It's gross, and you have to jump over slush ponds and/or climb over snow hills to cross about any street.

I'm in Penn Quarter, maybe things are better over by K.
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Great question; I like using Ask as a personal closet consultant.

Also consider the possibility of changing from boots to your Clarks when you reach the venue, depending on what you have bag-wise. Then again, I usually cruise around with a big messenger bag, so that might be more of a realistic option for me than for you.
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The sidewalks are really hit-or-miss. Most of the big businesses have cleared up fairly well around the Dupont area, but it is still pretty slushy at the intersections around CT and K. I'm wearing my filthy boots rather than my Allen-Edmonds for a few days.
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Hit or miss. I am at work very close to 18th and K and there are huge mountains/puddles along all the curbs and intersections that you'd need to dodge. I just watcheed a woman step right into a puddle out my window. Can't speak for the other area, but I can't imagine that its much better- this area is significantly better than my home neighborhood.
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Downtown is better than not downtown. In my experience today the blocks around 11th and H aren't too bad, and for the most part have at least small cutouts to cross the street.

Especially if you're walking between the two events, I'd go with the boots, personally.
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slushy and messy, especially as snow melts during the day. I'd wear the boots. honestly just looking at the two pair, they are not clunky awful boots, and Clarks aren't dressy, you should be fine.
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Response by poster: Boots it is. Thanks everyone! AskMe is awesome.
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And I revise my answer from earlier, having just walked to the bus stop -- downtown sucks. Sucks less than not downtown, but it still sucks.
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It sounds like you've settled on boots, but I'm going to chime in and suggest you go with the Clarks if that's what you really want to wear.

I was on K St earlier today and the sidewalks were fine and you won't be trudging through snow drifts. They'll probably be even better tomorrow. You won't be wearing massive heels and getting around what amount to puddles shouldn't be an issue, especially where you will be.

Just my two cents.
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Response by poster: Not that this post is really crying for an update, but - I wore boots. The sidewalks weren't really that bad and I probably would have been ok with the Clarks, but there was more walking than I thought there'd be and the boots were warm, so that was nice. Thanks to everyone for their eyewitness accounts. I assume all the snow is melted in DC by now and the snowpocalypse is a distant memory.
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