Best place to buy a stylish winter jacket in NYC?
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Best place to buy a cool-looking, yet still warm winter jacket in NYC (pref. SoHo area)?

I'm looking to buy a stylish winter jacket.. Something like this

Not too expensive. Where can I buy something like that in NYC, preferably SoHo area?
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Have you checked out Uniqlo? They are made of cool.
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More expensive, but G-Star has some great coats. There's one near Canal/B'Way, and another near Lafayette/Prince.
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Seconding uniqlo. They've got some great jackets (that link took me to a list, not an individual product), and some hot puffer ones.
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Uniqlo, or Topman (Topshop for men). Both are on Broadway I believe
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You should check out Zara's also if you are looking for slim fitting long wool coats.
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You could look at Brooklyn Industries - on Lafayette below Houston. They've been having outerwear sales recently. I think they have more in the way of parkas than wool coats.
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First check Ina Men on Prince Street just west of Elizabeth, and Ina on Bleecker west of the Bowery — they're couture-consignment shops, and you might find something you really like but would not have wanted to pay the retail price for. I was just in (got a perfect Tse cashmere v-neck sweater for $85) and they had all those styles.
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Century 21?
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Definitely Uniqlo, as others have said.

I've always been anti-down coats because I don't enjoy looking like a marshmallow and/or walking sleeping bag, but caved this year because Uniqlo's down coats are pretty much as stylish as the things get. They've also got lots of other types of coats.
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