Wifi sharing w/ a 'gateway' access page?
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Wifi sharing w/ a 'gateway' access page? {more inside}

I have a speakeasy dsl connection (~1068down / 321up) connected to a utilitarian wireless router (Belkin Wireless G router, 2.4Ghz). I'd like to share it with my neighbors. Netshare through speakeasy though, it seems, only allows people to share with a minimum payment of $20 per month.
I'd rather give folks in my building the option of paying some small amount through paypal if they want to. How can I allow them access, but force them through a gateway page each time they connect? The page would have a donate button and some ground rules for usage. If this is a no brainer I would be grateful if someone (kindly) directed me to accesible DIY resources on this topic. Thanks!
(Hope this isn't a DP, I searched through the archives but didn't see this exact question.)

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Try NoCat. Also, there's no need to add a sig to your post. There's a line right there underneath the message with identifying information.
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There's a group called NoCatNet that's working on a project called NoCatAuth which might do what you need. It sounds like you want to run what they call an Auth Service. Note that I don't consider this particularly accessible, but YMMV.

(On preview: D'oh!)
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Response by poster: Thanks, I'll definitely look into nocat.

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Remember if people connect using 802.11b instead of G everyone takes the bottleneck as well. (11mbps versus 52mbps)

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Since the question is pretty well answered let me just say that immediately after putting eyedrops in I spotted your post and could have sworn it was a question about 'Wife sharing'. So, um, good luck with that.
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