Kung Fu Eyebrows
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[Obscure Movie Filter] Kung fu movie where a guy fights using his eyebrows

My friend was talking about a kung movie he saw five or so years ago (the movie may be older than that, we don't know). The scene that he can remember involves a old kung fu master meditating in a city which is in the middle of a star or some sort of nebulae or something. While he's meditating, some bad guy or another kung fu master flies up to this city and starts fighting with the meditating guy. The guy continues to meditate, all the while using his eyebrows to fight the other kung fu master.

The thing is, it's been so long that he's not sure if he's remembering this correctly, so the details are abit vague. Also, he's not entirely sure what he saw actually exists, and that he's not making it up. My Google-Fu completely fails me here, so if the Hive mind could give us a hand, that'd be awesome.
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I don't think I've seen this exact bit, but there are certainly Shaw Brothers films with eyebrow fighting, so he probably isn't too far off. Sorry I don't have a title for you, maybe something featuring "White Eyebrow"?
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Best answer: Zu Warriors of the Magic Mountain, directed by Tsui Hark. You can find the trailer, including some very brief clips of the eyebrow guy, on Youtube.
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I think it's also a joke used in "Kung Pow, Enter the Fist" - possibly parodying the original.
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Yep - Zu Warriors of the Magic Mountain. The character is White Eyebrows played by Sammo Hung.
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