help me find this news site once more
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I've been looking for this one "all in one" news website again and I can't seem to remember the name and googling for keywords/pieces I remember of it has failed me.

It's kinda sorta like a social news site (in terms of its setup) but it's a site that has an assortment of like 5 or so articles (that are expandable to more if you click "view more" for that particular site) from multiple newspapers/other web news sites. The site background is all black and that's about all I can remember, lol. Can anyone recall what site I'm talking about? I found it on stumbleupon a while back but I don't know how much that helps anyone in remembering what I'm talking about.

It's not a newspaper/web news site per say, but rather a outlet with articles that show up from 9-12 sites daily like the huffington post, ny times, yahoo buzz, technorati, reddit, and others I can't remember.
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Response by poster: news aggregating site is the phrase I'm looking for to describe it.
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Response by poster: ahh, i've found it .... sort of.

but it's not the site I remember, the one I remember was all black, but this site is identical to the one I'm thinking of. did this site have a name-change or are there others with the exact same layout?
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Response by poster: yes!! thank you!!

wow, that was driving me nuts all the sudden. :)
posted by isoman2kx at 9:13 AM on December 21, 2009 is another aggregator.
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there's also
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there's also this, which is way cool:
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