Help me peak as an athlete.
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I'm looking for tips on how to peak for an athletic performance.

I'm 38 years old and soon to go head-to-head against more talented and athletic foes. I've been playing recreational baseball for the last 9 years every summer, and for the last two years at a highly competitive level.

I've mostly performed as our backup catcher but was just informed that our starter is taking the year off and I'll go into the season as the first-string catcher. In other words, I've been called up to the show.

I'm very motivated to take my game to its highest level this year, and want to start preparing now to be completely at my best by mid-season, which will be around July. I want to take a comprehensive approach to my training, in fact I'm looking a little bit less for advice on workouts than other aspects of improvement. I would especially love to hear tips on how to improve my vision, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, ability to recover, mental approaches, leadership tips, diet and supplements, anything you can think of. Anything that can help a slightly older, yet still pretty durable body to withstand some punishment this season.

I would love to hear old crafty baseball tips too...most of my opponents will be in their twenties and I know that just knowing a few things the kids don't will give me an advantage.

Really any kind of advice is welcome. How did you prepare for the competition of YOUR life?
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I hear that juggling improves hand eye coordination. Stretch, drink a lot of water.
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well, I don't have any tips for you personally, as I've never played baseball. BUT I do know of a blog of an excellent trainer who specializes in training for baseball players (I'm a fitness blog junkie). His thoughts on training are well worth a read, and he's also got some good looking links to other training sites.
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I saw a blurb about a softball or baseball team that actually had a number printed on the ball in a certain color. The batting cage challenge for the hitter was to not only hit the ball but to announce the color and number at the same time. Apparently, this type of training does wonders for the way that they read the position and spin of the ball.

Recovery and general health are both greatly improved by fish oil, it is definitely a supplement you want in the bag.

Good luck!
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The efficacy of Glucosamine and Chondroitin is murky at best, though I have perceived a difference using it. The effects of MSM are not so murky. It reduces joint inflammation, something that someone practicing a lifetime of sports has plenty of, I bet.

Fast video games for hand-eye coordination. Martial arts maybe? Ballet?

Lots of spaghetti the night before games.
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I've never had better reflexes than when I was playing table tennis. Helps you read spin, too.
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Confidence. Make a conscious effort to visualize yourself succeeding-- working the count, making contact, throwing down a runner, spitting chew tobacco really really far without spilling on yourself. Totally works.
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