What to get for a future Naval officer for Xmas?
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What can I buy for Christmas for my best friend who will soon be in her third week of Navy OCS?

My best friend is currently an indoctrination candidate at the US Navy Officer Candidate School. She will apparently have some leave during the holidays (although I'm unsure of how much) and will be staying with us in the DC area for a few days. The trouble is, I have absolutely no idea what to give her for Christmas.

Normally, I would buy her high-end makeup or something flashy/fancy/cashmere, as she's a pretty glammy, luxury-loving lady otherwise, but I've been told that she can't wear makeup until the last two weeks of the program (and I doubt she'd have the time). I was thinking hand-knit socks or something for warmth, since the facility is in Rhode Island, but I don't know if that would be permitted with her uniform. I'd prefer to get her something she could use now, but if that's not possible, whatever I do give her would have to be able to withstand a few weeks' stay in the trunk of her car during January in New England. Edibles are also an option, although I think she's concerned about maintaining her weight (and she can't consume any caffeine at the moment).

Can y'all help a best friend out? Anyone who has gone through OCS, what would you have wanted? (Please assume that I know nothing about any military restrictions.)
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Best answer: I wouldn't get her anything, as she won't be allowed to have it anyway. Instead, take her out to an awesome meal somewhere when she is visiting. One of the very best (or at least most memorable) meals was when I have leave from OCS over Thanksgiving and went out for Vietnamese food. After weeks of institutional cafeteria food and no time to eat it, sitting down for a delicious leisurely meal was just such an awesome treat. I suggest the Peking Gourmet Inn, if you can get out there.

And when we ran out of gas on the way home, I was in great shape to run a couple of miles to the gas station and back. Good times.
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Water wings?
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Best answer: My Naval officer boyfriend recommends this book: The Naval Officer's Guide.

Also, we just (literally, days ago) moved from Newport, so all the great local restaurants are fresh in my mind. Maybe a gift certificate to a nice place would be appreciated, something she can use on weekend liberty? Off the top of my head: Brick Alley Pub, The Mooring, Rhode Island Quahog Co, Mudville Pub (reopening soon)...
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