Dog boarding in Pensacola area?
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The very best dog boarding in and around Pensacola?

I have three dogs that I need to board -- looking for your suggestions (and warnings) for boarding options in Pensacola/Fort Walton Beach/Crestview etc.

Cost is not an option, I just want to know the very best place to leave them for a couple of nights!
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There's a joint on 98 just off...what is that, hollywood? in FWB that I've heard good things about. Between the elementary school there and the seafood market. Never used them though. It's not hollywood b/c hollywood runs east west...I moved away from there like 7 months ago and now my brain grows cloudy. Anyway, the place is RIGHT ON 98.

As odd as it may be, this is really a great question to ask at the pensacola fishing forum. Hugely populated w/ lots of readers on a myriad of topics. I know at least a couple of the prodigious posters there are vets themselves.

... i'd also assume any place in Destin will be amazing, what with the richy rich tourists and all.
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