Need an electric blanket
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Can anyone suggest a durable electric blanket?

I've had a couple of electric blankets in the past and loved them... except that they only lasted a season, at best. I'd like to know if anyone could recommend a brand that would last more than a year since I know little of brands outside of Sunbeam (which is absolute crap, in my experience). I'm not too picky about the price but would like to know, for instance, if the extra I pay for a blanket from Land's End is better than the Biddeford from Dillards or the like.
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Just gonna chime in and say that electric mattress pads are where it's at. My mom has had hers for several years and it's no worse for the wear. She gave me one and I've been using it this year, and it rocks. I believe both hers and mine are by the infamously crappy Sunbeam, but as I said, hers has held up fine.
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Infamously crappy? Nuts. My mom is getting me one for Christmas.
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Huh. This is the second time this week that I've recommended an Electrowarmth electric mattress pad. I like it a lot better than any of the electric blankets I've used, and it's holding up just fine after three years.
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I would second the electric mattress pad recommendation. I've had mine for years without incident. I don't know the specific make/model but I believe I bought it at Bed, Bath & Beyond if that helps any. I obviously wouldn't keep using it forever in the interest of safety, but it has certainly lasted for a good number of seasons.

Personally, I like the heated mattress pad more than the blanket, because if you get hot during the night, you have your traditional unheated layers above you (obviously you can turn the mattress pad down too, but not while you're asleep). If you throw those aside, you still have the warmth below to keep you comfortable. With electric blankets, if you're hot, you have to expose part of your body to the cold, cruel world outside your cocoon, or suffer through waking up enough to operate the controls. Where's the fun in that?
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I have a Sunbeam that's probably 15 years old now. Works fine. Just what the hell did you do? The only thing I can think of is perhaps you didn't follow the washing instructions...
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My "absolute crap" Sunbeam lasted 20 years & the only reason I quit using it was because I got a waterbed.

Perhaps you might consider reading the instructions for care. If not properly cared for, it's likely any brand you get will give you similarly craptaculous results.
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What exactly is going wrong with the blankets? It may be something you're doing if you're going through them that quickly. I've had a basic no-name one for years without a problem.
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Response by poster: So I should clarify that while I'm also considering getting a mattress pad, the ladyfriend wants a blanket so that she can use it elsewhere besides the bed.
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Think about it... 15-20 years ago they were well-made. My craptacular sunbeam stopped working this year before what would have been it's 3rd season. I'll be shopping for something more expensive, with a warranty.
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I got this electric blanket from Costco last year and it continues to work well, even after washing (following the instructions on the label). I think it's the best thing ever!
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Just to clarify, my "infamously crappy" was sarcastic...I'm all about my Sunbeam mattress pad, and my mom's has lasted for years.
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Seconding bleeb. While the Sunbeams 20 years ago may have been dynamite and long-lasters, the ones they're making nowadays seem to be made of crap. The one currently warming up on my bed is from last season, but it takes at least twice as long to warm up and doesn't get nearly as warm as it did when it was brand new. Also, the cheap felt material just feels like garbage.

I bought a microfiber electric blanket a few years back that got ruined in a move by having all of the elements bent to hell. I should try to find another one of those.
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