Multiplayer iPhone games?
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What are some multiplayer iPhone games that don't require players to be actively using their phone to play?

I just discovered Words With Friends (and Chess With Friends) and love it because I don't need to be actively using my phone at all times to play it. If you haven't played them, they're basically Scrabble (or Chess) games where you open the app, play your move, then wait until your opponent makes their move. Perfect for when I'm at work and can only use my phone occasionally.

Games that are only multiplayer over wifi or bluetooth are out. Bonus points for games that are free, but I'd consider paid ones as well. Bonus points for apps with Push notifications when it's your turn too.
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Quordy is a Boggle clone with a very good interface and an insanely large vocabulary. It has a challenge-a-friend mode, where you each play the same board and compare final scores and word choices. Turns are not taken, and the challenge is completed asynchronously. I had one challenge that I didn't get around to responding to for a month, but we still got to play.
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I've given up on Words With Friends due to its limited word list, the fact that you can't challenge words and that the scoring messes up plays that hit multiple bonuses (like the easy double word on the first play). I really like the async nature of the game play and hope that other folks have good suggestions for replacements.
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Here are some good possibilities.
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