Why do 4 movie reviewers all reference the same Talking Heads song when reviewing Lovely Bones?
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Why are all these Lovely Bones movie reviews referencing Talking Heads' Heaven? Examples I've found: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Was this quote included in the press notes? Is it simply that movie reviewers tend to be people of a certain age? Is the song in the movie? Is that song, for some reason, in people's minds these days? That is, is it being used in a commercial or something?
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Are you asking why a song about heaven in general, or why this particular song about heaven?
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Response by poster: Why specifically that one Talking Heads song, and that one line from that one song: "Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens."
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Have you read the book?
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Judging from this Amazon review, the line is quoted in the book, and I imagine it's in the movie too.
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Response by poster: Hah! Of course. That's simple. No, I haven't read the book.
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Also, Brian Eno composed the score for the movie.
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Heaven is the setting for much for the book.
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Much *of* the book.

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Actually reading the review metroid linked to above does not suggest that the line is in the book. It is merely a line the reviewer used. An Amazon search of the content of the books seems to confirm this.

I would guess it's because the lyrics are an apt description of the heaven depicted in the movie/book, and quite possibly also mentioned in a press junket of some sort.
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Response by poster: Oh, never mind, then. I'm back to my theory of it being in the press notes.
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To elaborate on what I said before:

It may have been in the press notes. If it was, that was probably related to the fact that the person who scored the film, Brian Eno, was involved with The Talking Heads and in particular produced the Talking Heads album which Heaven was on. It's not hard to imagine that the press kit played up this link.
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"Shooting heaven, " says Peter Jackson, "is one of the most nightmarish things I've ever had to face."

'Heaven' is Jackson and Walsh's working title for the film.
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It's funny because I thought it was going to be "And She Was"
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