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Having had any chance of a steady internet connection from home lost for the time being, is there a kind of 2005-style offline reader software available that can download mail to a single file on a usb key, to load up and reply to at home outside of the time and money limits of a dingy internet cafe?

Something that has versions in Windows (for the cafe) and Linux (for home) would definitely make things easier, but I'm happy and anxious to hear any ideas.
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There's Portable Thunderbird, which runs the app and saves your profile on a USB key. You could configure a linux install of thunderbird to use the profile on your USB key, I'd think.
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Old versions of Eudora worked fine like that. I had version 3.0.6 loaded to my student account at college and it would never need special registry settings or anything. The mail wouldn't be in a single file, necessarialy, but it would all end up contained in one directory.
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Also, looks like i.Scribe might fit your needs, as it's self-contained, and has both Windows and Linux versions. I'd forgotten about Eudora, shepd. Older versions of it are available here.
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