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I got a T-Mobile Shadow today and I'm concerned that the battery water indicator has already been tripped. The indicator is a pink and white checker pattern but it looks really dark to the naked eye. Are they usually this dark or has it been tripped? (For reference, I have the latest Black/Burgundy T-Mobile Shadow (II) running WinMo 6.1.) Thanks!
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My sense is not to worry about it. They can be tripped by sweat or humidity, so you're pretty much screwed until the inevitable class-action comes along and changes this kind of get-out-of-warranty-free card the company has created for itself..
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Do the pink parts look like they have run into the white? If the pattern is still intact, you should have nothing to worry about. You can see pics of what they look like after getting wet here or here
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Where did you get it? The quicker you take it back the better.
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In Asian malls around Vancouver/Richmond there are tons of cell phone repair stores. Alot of these places can replace the stickers for you.

The stickers are probably direct from the factory that assembled the phone anyway.
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I got it online from T-Mobile and I'll need to send it into their place if I get it replaced. If they were nearby, I'd just drive up and ask for a replacement.

This is what mine looks like (Obviously on super-duper zoom.)
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