Cross/elliptical trainer buying advice
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Help me find a Cross/Elliptical trainer for a budget of £250-£300

I am looking to buy my first cross/elliptical trainer for home use. Researching on the web isn't very useful, as there seems to be no useful information on the web (unless someone can point me to it) giving reviews of home gear, so I was wondering if you could give me some advice.

As noted above I have up to £300 at a push to spend. I don't really mind about the size or portability, but anything that makes the machine easier to move would be welcome.

I've been looking at york and reebok machines, but if anyone can recommend other good makes, and/or good places to buy them as I'd prefer to order over the web if the best deal is to be had there.
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I can't help you on which model to buy, but I would strongly suggest checking craigslist, used fitness-equipment stores, and/or your local classified ads before you buy a new one. This is exactly the sort of thing people buy, use for two weeks, and forget about... and then sell "used" when their SO finally tells them to get it out of the house.

There's pretty much no reason to buy new fitness equipment, if cost is an issue. These machines are built to last, and there's always somebody trying to get rid of one.
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y'know, I hit post way to fast there - one thing to look at carefully if you are thinking of buying online is the size - I almost bought one a couple years back, - it was rated as being "compact" and didn't look too big in the pictures, but I went in to a store to check it out just in case, and it was huge! it wouldn't have fit in my spare room at all - so make sure you get measurements.
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