What to do with my Samsung Q1?
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The other day, I picked up a first generation Samsung Q1 UMPC (900mhz / 512mb RAM) for very cheap. The plan was to use it as a touchscreen media device and for basic web browsing in the kitchen. This got me thinking that the Q1 might be a bit more responsive if I put a different OS on it.

I checked out the Android x86 project. It' impressive, but with no touchcreen for the Q1, I'd rather stick with XP Tablet. Next, I decided to check out Chrome, but I read that the screen doesn't work. So, I was thinking of installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix. However, before I do, I wanted to check if anyone else still uses one of the older Q1s. If so, what do you use it for? What OS do you have on it?
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This guy has a proper HID driver that works with XP & Vista for the Q1. If you're willing or able to upgrade the RAM then Vista may actually be slightly better than XP - I had good luck with it on an older Thinkpad with similar specs. But I don't have one.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the information. I didn't know about the driver. If I keep it as an Microsoft machine, I am definitely going to upgrade the RAM.
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i have one of these and i love it. use it everywhere. it's my main browsing box when i travel. pick up a cheap and small usb keyboard and it's a perfect travel companion.

ubuntu's netbook remix was interesting, but resource heavy. menus respond slowly. graphics seem sluggish.

i have linuxmint on mine. snappy and allows me to run the compiz graphics engine. there's a built in tool for configuring the touchscreen. you might have to run it a few times to get it just right.

if that doesn't float you then i'd suggest crunchbang linux or any other flavor of linux over the windows installs. xp took close to a minute to load. ubuntu? about 30 seconds.
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Response by poster: Thanks artof.mulata. This is the first I've heard of this for the Q1. I'll give linuxmint a shot this weekend!
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