Digital photo frame low res bummer via Flickr and Frameit
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How can I get the i-Gala photoframe to display high-res photos from a Flickr group feed via Frameit?

Hi all.

So I just bought an i-gala digital photoframe as a Christmas present for a relative. It's wi-fi enabled, and according to all the blurb I read before I purchased the thing, it can download images from email, Flickr, or

So I bought it, and I've persuaded my relatives who use Flickr to put selected photos into a Flickr "group". After a few clicks, I found the group RSS feed URL, and tried to tell the i-gala to slurp it.

But there's no option for that, or so it seems.

So I set up a Frameit account, pasted the RSS feed URL into Frameit, and it nicely created a feed for my i-gala. Then I told the i-gala to slurp down the feed from Frameit (by means of a Frameit code and URL that the i-gala seems to understand) and away it went, merrily downloading photos.


It's displaying the low-res thumbnails instead of the higher resolution versions of each photo :-(

Major bummer.

The Flickr RSS feed does contain both the thumbnails and links to the higher res versions. The Frameit interpretation of this feed appears intact, since I can "preview" the feed and click on the thumbnails to view the high res versions. But the i-gala only displays the thumbnails.

I'm constrained to the following:

1. Flickr, since all my friends and family use it.

2. The i-gala frame, since I've bought it now, and I'm convinced it can be made to work!

3. Using a Flickr "group", since it's the simplest way to get my family to post all their photos into one place, and automatically slurp it down via an RSS feed.

Things that wouldn't work:

# Using a tag instead of a group, since it could be hijacked by anyone. The group allows us to sanction the content.

# Getting everyone to email their photos to an email address, and having the i-gala grab them. (Okay this might work, but frankly it would be just that bit too much hassle for this whole thing to keep going -- people already upload to Flickr regularly; emailing photos instead would be a pain).

I've fiddled with the feeds, according to the Flickr feeds page, but haven't made any change. (See specifically the Group Pools feeds docs).

So........... that's my conundrum. Has anyone dealt with this before? Any words of wisdom?

I will be forever grateful :-)
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Response by poster: Hmm, in case anyone finds this....

It looks like the only solution is something that eats the Flickr RSS feed, and produces a new feed, replacing the thumbnails with larger versions.

I think Yahoo Pipes will be the way forward. Searching through the public pipes, there appear to be some for Flickr. I'll join Yahoo, copy a pipe, amend it, and see if I can get the thing to work.
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