Need a concept for holiday photo with a baby in the city
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I got stuck on my first idea and now I can't think of alternative Xmas/winter/holiday card photo ideas featuring a baby and NYC.

Ideally I'd like the photo be unique and non-traditional... I want to move beyond the cute baby in front of a Christmas tree or on Santa's lap or dressed in fancy clothes.

My first idea was to put the baby in one of those hats that looks like the top half of a plush polar bear's head with paws hanging down, in a white fleece outfit, sitting on the ice on the rink in Bryant park, like a misplaced polar bear. But this idea is running into difficulty because the hat seller's baby-sized hats are stuck in customs and he doesn't know if they'll be in stock again soon, and also I'm nervous about carrying the baby out onto an ice rink without falling and breaking our heads.

Assuming I get the hat, where else could I put a misplaced polar bear? What about other ideas? I'm not opposed to referencing Christmas specifically, like if there's an empty manger in a nativity somewhere, I could put the baby in that. I guess I could also put the baby in a wrapped present box with the lid open and put him under one of the major holiday trees in the city. But these ideas aren't as good as the polar bear one, are they?

My vision, such as it is, is for the resulting image to be cute, funny and a little bit sad/poignant. Like the holidays themselves.
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Tanning salon?
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A misplaced polar bear would be very at home on the rocks in Central Park.
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On the "Imagine" stone? I see this working very well for polar bears, babies, presents, and, if you're into it, religious overtones. (If you go religious, please please include a wise man in Lennon glasses.)
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I always find the images of polar bears floating on little ice floes to be sad/poignant. I don't know if you can one of those boats on the central park pond this time of year, or how you could make it look like she was on the boat by herself, floating along. Or maybe you could have her looking wistfully at the polar bears at the CP Zoo?
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Sitting on the Alice and Wonderland statue in Central Park?
Looking out of a taxi window (if you can find a trustworthy and patient cab driver)?
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also I'm nervous about carrying the baby out onto an ice rink without falling and breaking our heads.

You could wear crampons over your shoes. You could put the baby on a sled, or even in a box and tow him/her.

Or see what Anne Geddes does.
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Baby climbing up the side of a tiny Empire State Building.
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If you don't want to slip on the ice, I'd suggest broomball shoes. Much less harsh on the ice than crampons.

You could be almost anywhere in Rockefeller Center, and that would work. St. Peter's also kind of works, if you're talking "Xmas in NYC". So do the front windows of Macy's 34th St., for that matter.
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One of the nicest photos I ever saw was a photo of a baby completely wrapped in Christmas lights. The glowing effect of the lights against the baby's skin was beautiful. I loved the idea so much I copied it with my dog as a Christmas card one year. It was very easy to do (dark room, camera on tripod, flash off).
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You should dig a hole and put the baby in it with a little shovel next to it, and a bit of mistletoe hanging from the shovel handle. And on the inside of the card, write: "Hope you DIG this Holiday Season!" This would be even better if you could find a tiny baby-sized miner's helmet. Then you could make the message "Hope you only have MINER problems this year!"
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Dressed as a little toy soldier in front of FAO Schwarz? This would work equally for a girl or a boy if you put the little girl in a black tutu instead of the black pants.
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Baby sized santa hat + anywhere in nyc = card.
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