programs like NYU's Gallatin?
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I'm looking for advanced degree programs (graduate and up) of individualized study like the one at Gallatin at NYU.

I'm having a hard time searching for special programs like it, since they don't fit into usual categories of study (being interdisciplinary, they don't show under any discipline). I could really use ideas on how to search for them.
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Although there are some grad programs where things are more dictated, in most research grad programs I'm familiar with everybody has an individualized program and works with their advisor to design their particular course of study, which may include coursework from departments throughout campus, and to design their research, which can be on nearly anything which loosely fits within the department and frequently draws heavily from other disciplines. I'm not clear on how what you're looking for is different except for the name of the degree on the diploma, maybe.
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Best answer: UChicago has MAPSS (and one for the "softer" liberal arts, the name of which I can't remember).
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Response by poster: hydropsyche, I'm looking for programs that describe themselves as interdisciplinary.
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Response by poster: thanks oinopaponton

mefi, please keep it coming!
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Though I know you're looking for something individualized, what sorts of subjects are you looking to combine?
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Response by poster: I have ideas that cross psychology, medicine and research methodology.
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You might be interested in the PEMM program at Dartmouth -- it's an interdisciplinary dept that includes people from research units within the medical school and the psychology department.
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Response by poster: brainmouse, I'll be coming more from the angle of social studies than medicine.
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You might be interested in SSRI at Duke and the affiliated social psychology program.

In general, though, you will be best served by the advice given to all other grad school applicants: find researchers you want to work with and then talk to them about in which programs they supervise students and which of those you might be the best fit for.
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It's more humanities/media than you seem to want, but MIT has the Comparative Media Studies program.
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