Belle and Sebastian Cover
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I heard of cover of Belle and Sebastian's "Get Me Away from Here I'm Dying," and I cannot figure out who was performing it. The guy who was playing it didn't know; he said it got it off some movie soundtrack or something, so I don't think it was a particularly rare or difficult-to-find cover. The singer's voice sounded a bit like Morrissey. It definitely was not Stuart Murdoch. Is anyone familiar with it? It's killing me.
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The Belle & Sebastian recording is on the Forgetting Sarah Marshall soundtrack. I haven't seen the movie, but one of the characters is a "rock singer". There could be a cover version in the movie.
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Yes, it's probably Russell Brand from the Sarah Marshall soundtrack.
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Russell Brand doesn't sing that song in the movie, and the only version on the soundtrack is the original Murdoch version. OP, why don't you get your friend's disc/ mp3 copied and run it through gracenote or whatever music matching software Itunes uses these days?
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Maybe it was the Tigermilks' cover?
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